How To Tell Who Has More Control Over Your Relationship: Who Wears The Pants Between The Two Of You?

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Finding out who has more control over a relationship or a marriage has always been a big issue to a lot of couples—especially to men. In a world where everything is changing fast, roles can now be easily reversed. Yet, in some cultures, no matter how liberal some individuals have become, there are still plenty of men out there who are every bit as weary when it comes to sharing some of that authority. Who can blame them? Ever since the dawn of civilization (and even when our ancestors were still as primitive as can be), men in general have always liked having the upper hand when it comes to major decision making. But now that men and women can be considered as equals in so many ways, how do you determine who wears the pants in your relationship? Here are three ways to find out.

The Clothes You Buy

Are you finding it more and more difficult to shop for your own clothes without your girlfriend or your wife beside you? Do you just make them do the shopping altogether?

Do you find that you have no say about what you can wear for a night out? Or for anything else, in general? Because if that’s the case, you might be letting your wife decides on a lot of other stuff in your life. Do yourself a favor and make sure that the next time you buy a shirt that it’s what you prefer, and not the other way around.

Be a little more touchy, but not too touchy

Money Matters

Arguing over money—and conversations that end up in major fights because of this very sensitive topic is never a good thing. But it seems to be happening more frequently among couples, especially if either you or your partner always makes it a point over which one of you earns the most.

And because some women earn more than their husbands, they end up paying a bigger chunk on the bills and daily expenditures like food and such. It may be painful for some, but that’s how it goes. We’re not saying that you should go out and look for a higher-paying job or demand your boss for a raise. But if this is the situation at home, you better be willing to meet them halfway with adjustments otherwise, this can create a dent in your relationship.

Talk to her and ask her questions you have about what she wants, and if she’s OK with your behavior towards her

Major Life Decisions

Shopping for clothes is a small matter when it comes to the grander scheme of things. But when it comes to where you should live as a couple, what food you should eat, which car you can buy, who you could hang out with, where to send the children to school, etcetera, we believe that these matters should be made out of mutual decision. If you find yourself not having a say at any of these things, then obviously you’re not the one wearing the pants in the relationship.

These are just three ways for you to find out who wears the pants in your marriage. So if you said yes to all three, it’s time to start opening the communication lines once again (and making it wider, perhaps). 

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