The Features of auto clicker

A simple auto clicker program is a device or software that can automatically click on a specific text, images or icons when the appropriate key is pressed. They can also be activated manually to produce recorded or displayed input earlier or automatically generated on other settings. Read on the article to read more.

How Does A Mouse Clicker Work?

With this tool, you have easy mouse auto click settings that allow fast and automatic mouse clicks. You may set the auto clicker download free software to click automatically within a pre-set time interval. You can even let your mouse auto click either the right or left button, whichever the job requires. 

Free mouse clicker is easy and fast to setup. Apart from the settings mentioned above, you can also let your mouse do either a single or double click. Using keyboard keys to control the start and stop of your mouse clicker is also possible. You only need to position your mouse cursor to the location where you want the clicking to take place. Hit the start button or hotkey and your mouse clicker will click away as you have never clicked before. When you are using auto clicker for games like Minecraft or WOW (World of Warcraft). As the name implies, Free Mouse Clicker is freeware and can be used by anyone. 

Features Of Auto Clicker

Here’s a brief list of the features of Free Auto Clicker. Check it out and compare it with others on the list. 

  • It’s free! No need for membership or registration, and there’s no in-app purchase of any sort. You can have it for a lifetime and still, you don’t have any financial commitment 
  • It does not come with malware or adware, so it is 100% safe 
  • Select the interval time between clicks, so clicks could be in quick or prolonged intervals however you want it 
  • You have two options of how you want the software to stop: 
  • set after a pre-set number of clicks
  • set how many minutes before you want the software to stop. 
  • You must select the exact points on the screen where you want clicks to take place. You can save the location for future use.
  • You can set hotkeys for a quick start, pausing, and even deleting. 
  • Use on any website or game
  • Run window of software on top of the app that you are to use or the website you are to visit

Is auto-clicker software legal And Safe?

If you are familiar with the history of email programs such as Aweber and GetResponse, then you can probably answer this question in the affirmative. These programs have become incredibly popular because of their ability to deliver targeted and highly targeted leads to their users. In order for such programs to run smoothly, however, they need to comply with federal and state regulations.

When an email is sent from auto-clicker software to a particular recipient, a cookie is placed onto the recipient’s computer. This cookie will remain on the computer and will serve as an indicator that the recipient has received the email. If the recipient opens the email and finds that it is spam or unwanted, then the browser will automatically close the window. Therefore, the autoclicker can only collect information in order to send an email.

The legality of using autoclicker software in email marketing is determined by several factors. For example, it is illegal to use the autoclicker in an email program that sends out unsolicited emails. Furthermore, if the autoclicker is part of an open form that asks users to fill out information in order to be eligible for a newsletter, the software is considered unsolicited mail that falls under the category of spam.

Some software companies have been known to encourage people to send spam emails. In some instances, people who are looking for a specific piece of information may be more interested in purchasing the information than in reading it. In other cases, people who are searching for information may accidentally open an email containing information that they may not want. In both of these situations, the sender of the email may be liable for sending unsolicited mail.

No Records For Violation Of Laws

While auto-clicker software may not necessarily violate any laws, it can be a nuisance. If a reader finds an email containing information that they do not want or need, they are usually not obligated to reply to the sender. In this case, the email sender has effectively wasted their time and may even have put them on the block list.

If you want to make sure that auto-clicker software is legally acceptable, you should read the fine print carefully. There are some situations where auto clicker software may cause more harm than good.

Tips For Writing an Impressive Essay – Tips for the Beginner

essay writing tips

When people write an essay, they often overlook some of the very important tips for essay writing. For example, when they write a research paper, they often leave out a few important facts that have something to do with the topic. And when they write an essay, they leave out one or more important details that could make their essay look bad. This article will teach you some of the most important tips for essay writing and get you started on the right foot.

Essay Writing – Free Flow Of Ideas

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the essay writing ideas out there. But you need to realize that an essay is really just an expression of your thoughts. So it’s important to make sure you do it right. You’re not going to be an essay writing genius overnight, but you can make the process easier and more fun by following these tips.The first thing you have to keep in mind when looking for essay writing ideas is to stay focused. It’s easy to get sidetracked on what you’re going to write about or how you’re going to get it written in the format you want. Try to remember that the essay is just an expression of your ideas. And you’re not trying to get all your ideas into one article, so don’t worry too much about getting everything in there.

It’s also a good idea to think about what type of language you’re going to use. You could use a lot of different things to express your ideas, and depending on your audience, it might even seem inappropriate. But it doesn’t mean that the language you use should be anything other than what’s appropriate. You can also get help from the best essay writing services online.

Writing an Essay – Tips

You might be one of the many people who are wondering if essay writing tips will help you. But the fact is that there is no set of rules that will tell you exactly how to write an essay, because different essays will be written for different purposes.

In order to write a great essay that will stand out from the rest, you need to know how to organize your thoughts in a way that makes sense to the reader and is easy for you to understand. If you’re struggling to understand things, it’s likely that you’ll fail to complete the assignment.

  • One of the most important tips for essay writing is to begin your essay with a strong introduction. This is the section of the essay that people will skim through in order to get a quick idea of what your essay is about.
  • The second most important essay tip for writing is to proofread your work. Many people forget to correct their work after they’ve written it. However, it is important to make sure that you get all of the spelling and grammar errors right. This will ensure that you have a clear, well-written article that the audience can relate to.
  • You might be tempted to skip paragraphs in your article because they aren’t necessary, but this isn’t the best way to write a good essay. The reason is because the first paragraph can really drive the reader into wanting to read the rest of the article. So if you leave out a crucial part, you run the risk of losing readers because you didn’t make the whole paragraph relevant.
  • One of the most important tips for essay writing is to always proofread your articles before submitting them to the major article directories. Because there are dozens of different article directories, the chances are that you’ll get rejected from some of them. If you don’t proofread your articles carefully, you run the risk of losing a lot of money.
  • The last of the important tips for essay writing is to ensure that you are following the rules when formatting your articles. This includes the title, the first paragraph, the last paragraph, the body of the article and the end of the essay.
  • Format guidelines can be tricky for some writers, but it’s worth taking the time to learn the proper formatting and following them properly. It’s a good idea to take courses that teach you about article formatting and writing so that you’re properly able to format your articles properly when you write your own.

If you’re not sure about how to format your article, you may want to visit a website that teaches you about essay writing. A good website that offers these tips for writing is “How to Write an Impressive Essay”. There, you can learn everything you need to know about essay formatting including the importance of using the proper keywords and the importance of making your article interesting. You can read about how to be a writer or how to write faster from

There are several other websites on the Internet that offer tips for writing, but none of them provide as many tips and techniques as those listed in the How to Write an Impressive Essay article. There, you will find tips for article writing that can help you in every step of your academic career.

In Conclusion:

When you follow the tips for writing an impressive essay, you will have a great chance of completing your assignment. So learn these tips for essay writing today and enjoy writing the essay that you deserve!

The significance of wearing new Chinese New Year clothes

Chinese New Year clothes

The Spring Festival is a season for change and new beginnings. Consistent with most activities on the occasion, wearing new clothes represents leaving the old and welcoming the new. They also add to the festivity and are believed to protect you from evil spirits!

Back in the day, when China was principally an agrarian nation, people could only harvest thrice a year in the South and once a year in the North. Because of this, people saved their resources throughout the year. Read on this article to know more about the significance of wearing new chinese new year clothes and how the chinese choose clothes for their new year celebrations.

Tang Suit (唐装)

You may have seen this type of clothing worn by actors in Chinese martial arts films. The traditional tang suit was mainstream in the Tang Dynasty, but the more modern take to it combines the man-riding jacket of the Qing Dynasty and the western suit.

Qipao (旗袍)

The qipao was popularized during the Qing Dynasty, but the contemporary styles we see today are very different from the first ones. The original qipao was a conservative dress embroidered with intricate designs. Because of colonization, the modern qipao is largely influenced by western culture.

Cheongsam (长衫)

The term “cheongsam” literally translates to “long shirt/dress” but is often used by Westerners to refer to women’s qipao. It is tailored to fit loosely and is more commonly worn by men today.

Hanfu (汉服)

The term “hanfu” literally means “clothing of the Han ethnicity” and comprises of traditional apparel up until the Qing Dynasty. There are many variations, but a hanfu outfit generally includes a shirt and a skirt. The shirt has cross lapels with long and wide sleeves while the skirt is long and could even start from the chest.

Things to remember when picking Chinese New Year clothes

  1. Wearing the correct and most appropriate clothes in new year can be an important aspect of the festive Chinese new year celebration. When it comes to buying Chinese New Year clothes for the new year, it is also important to remember the importance of choosing the right color, style, print and material of your clothes. You should choose the right color that compliments your skin tone.
  2. Wearing Chinese New Year clothes in a light-hearted and playful way is always very important as it sets the tone for the whole New Year’s Eve. You should not wear your clothes as if they are a piece of clothing but rather dress them up with fun embellishments, colors, prints which you find interesting. This will set you apart from other people and give you a sense of confidence that you do not have to do with the conventional dressing styles. You may also want to wear bright clothes like red or yellow to make yourself stand out from the crowd.
  3. For those who are interested in bright colors, you can wear the clothes with different patterns. However, when it comes to buying New Year clothes for the new year, you must ensure that the designs you choose are safe. You may also want to opt for bright embroidery, sequins and colorful fabrics to enhance your clothing. For a more elegant look, you could consider wearing silk.
  4. When it comes to clothes for women, the most important thing you should keep in mind is the color and design. You should try to look at your clothing in a different perspective so that you can better decide on the right color and design of your clothing. When you are purchasing clothes, you should look for one that is not too bright but rather something that is a mixture of bright colors.
  5. You may also want to wear Chinese New Year clothes that are made from good materials. It would not do you any good if you choose something that has a high price tag, but would not be durable. When you choose a high quality material for Chinese New Year clothing, you will have the assurance of having long-lasting clothes. that would last a long time.
  6. You could also choose Chinese New Year clothes that have bright prints on them to make them unique and special. You may want to choose bright colors like red or yellow for the New Year’s Eve. but you could also opt for prints such as Chinese dragon, peacock, floral design and fairy designs.

What You Should Know

There are many different designs of Chinese New Year clothing for women available in the market, you just have to spend some time to choose the perfect Chinese New Year clothes. A good pair of Chinese New Year clothes will make you stand out from the crowd. In fact, many people like to wear Chinese New Year clothes even if they are on their first New Year.

If you want to get in touch with the past, you could choose your clothes based on your family history. If you belong to an ancient family line, you could choose traditional clothes. You may want to select traditional outfits, as they usually have a traditional color and design.


In Chinese New Year clothes, you may choose to choose simple outfits that will make you feel good. You can choose to wear a simple white dress or a long and flowing black dress.

How to Root Bluestacks 4 (2020 Working Guide)

So you are planning to root Bluestacks but don’t know how to do it? Actually, that is just as simple as it is. If you happened to click this page expecting for an answer, we can guarantee that you will find what you are looking for. In this article, we will teach you the easiest way to root Bluestacks.

root bluestacks

When it comes to Android emulators, Bluestacks is one of the most prominent among them. The latest version of Bluestacks has brought major changes in the gaming industry. Gamers now have the chance to play their favorite mobile games on PC using this tool.

Rooting Bluestacks can be done manually because there is no rooted version for this. But as I have said, that is very easy to do using a rooting application.

So without further ado, let’s begin the process.

How to Root Bluestacks

To root Bluestacks, we need to use a rooting app called BS Tweaker. It is designed to modify the Bluestacks itself. Using this tool, you can avail of the premium version of your favorite emulator and disable or enable ads and banners.

Just follow all the steps we provided here.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to download Bluestacks on your PC if you haven’t installed it yet. Or, upgrade yours to the latest version.
  2. Download the BS Tweaker and extract the downloaded file.
  3. On the list of the downloaded files, find the bluestacks tweaker.exe file and click on it. 
  4. Launch the Bluestacks application and wait until it has completely started.
  5. On BS Tweaker, go to “Helpers” tab and find the option “Root for Bluestacks.”
  6. Click on Patch to root Bluestacks. That’s it! If you want to change BS Tweaker into SuperSU, proceed with the next step.
  7. Download SuperSU APK.
  8. Go back to Bluestacks and click the three vertical dots then Install the SuperSU APK.
  9. After that, you will see a big blue button in the interface. Click on it.
  10. Provide the root access and it’s done!

To confirm, restart your Bluestacks and see if the process worked for you. I bet that will surely work since we’re using this method until now.

If you know any other method to root Bluestacks, please share it with us. Also, if you have questions, you can use the comment box below to reach us. – The Team

How To Tell Who Has More Control Over Your Relationship: Who Wears The Pants Between The Two Of You?

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Finding out who has more control over a relationship or a marriage has always been a big issue to a lot of couples—especially to men. In a world where everything is changing fast, roles can now be easily reversed. Yet, in some cultures, no matter how liberal some individuals have become, there are still plenty of men out there who are every bit as weary when it comes to sharing some of that authority. Who can blame them? Ever since the dawn of civilization (and even when our ancestors were still as primitive as can be), men in general have always liked having the upper hand when it comes to major decision making. But now that men and women can be considered as equals in so many ways, how do you determine who wears the pants in your relationship? Here are three ways to find out.

The Clothes You Buy

Are you finding it more and more difficult to shop for your own clothes without your girlfriend or your wife beside you? Do you just make them do the shopping altogether?

Do you find that you have no say about what you can wear for a night out? Or for anything else, in general? Because if that’s the case, you might be letting your wife decides on a lot of other stuff in your life. Do yourself a favor and make sure that the next time you buy a shirt that it’s what you prefer, and not the other way around.

Be a little more touchy, but not too touchy

Money Matters

Arguing over money—and conversations that end up in major fights because of this very sensitive topic is never a good thing. But it seems to be happening more frequently among couples, especially if either you or your partner always makes it a point over which one of you earns the most.

And because some women earn more than their husbands, they end up paying a bigger chunk on the bills and daily expenditures like food and such. It may be painful for some, but that’s how it goes. We’re not saying that you should go out and look for a higher-paying job or demand your boss for a raise. But if this is the situation at home, you better be willing to meet them halfway with adjustments otherwise, this can create a dent in your relationship.

Talk to her and ask her questions you have about what she wants, and if she’s OK with your behavior towards her

Major Life Decisions

Shopping for clothes is a small matter when it comes to the grander scheme of things. But when it comes to where you should live as a couple, what food you should eat, which car you can buy, who you could hang out with, where to send the children to school, etcetera, we believe that these matters should be made out of mutual decision. If you find yourself not having a say at any of these things, then obviously you’re not the one wearing the pants in the relationship.

These are just three ways for you to find out who wears the pants in your marriage. So if you said yes to all three, it’s time to start opening the communication lines once again (and making it wider, perhaps). 

How to Fix YouTube Black Screen

YouTube Black Screen

You went on Youtube and clicked on the video you want to watch. Suddenly, YouTube black screen error happened, and you can’t see any video. This incident is a common issue with Youtube a long time ago already. However, there’s still no reported definite cause of why it happens, nor an exact solution to this problem.

YouTube is part of our everyday lives. From news to documentaries, music videos and learning references, vlogs and stories, sports and movies – all are on Youtube. What else can we expect with this fantastic online video streaming site?

But not all significant websites and applications are perfect. Some issues and problems may arise from time to time, and users can’t do anything about it. Just like, for example, the Youtube black screen issue which may or may not happen at times. Admittedly, it’s sometimes frustrating.

If you are one of those people who encountered this Youtube problem, then keep on reading. We compiled some of the solutions you can do to fix this problem.

Fixing Youtube Black Screen

The solutions listed here are not the permanent answer to this common YouTube problem since we still don’t know the real cause of it. And, we do not guarantee that the issue will not happen again. However, these may help you fix the black screen and load the Youtube videos properly.

Please refer to the following solutions below and try to do every single thing.

Solution 1. Restart your Device

In many cases, restarting your device would help you fix some common problems. So before applying any of the solutions listed here, try to turn off your device first.

Turn off your device by shutting it down and wait for a few moments to turn it on again. Or, you may also choose to restart and allow your device to reboot on its own.

Once you turned on your computer/smartphone again, try to access YouTube and see if the problem has is fixed.

Solution 2. Check the Internet Connection

Once you access a site whether it is Google or YouTube, you need to check if you have a stable internet connection. If you are experiencing poor connection while trying to stream videos on YouTube, it may prevent the site from loading and will possibly display a black screen.

You can also disable and enable your internet connection at times like this before you continue watching. It can help your device read and reaccess the network.

Once done, reload the Youtube page and try to play a video. If the problem still exists, then proceed to the next solution.

Solution 3. Clear your browsing data

Your browsing data (including cookies and cache) can sometimes be a cause of the Youtube black screen problem. So you need to clear the data in your browsing history. To do that:

Step 1. While your browser is still open, click Ctrl+Alt+Del on your keyboard.

Step 2. A dialog box for clearing your history will appear on your screen. Make sure you have checked the browsing history, cookies, and cache and the time range was set to All Time. After that, click Clear data.

Note: It will erase all of your histories, including preferences and passwords.

Step 3. Restart your browser and check if YouTube has been loading videos properly.

Solution 4: Disable Adblocker and Extensions

Adblockers and extensions can interfere with YouTube playbacks. So, you need to disable them and check if it is the cause of the black screen.

Step 1. On Google Chrome, type “chrome://extensions” in the address bar and hit Enter. You will see the list of the extensions you have added on your browser.

Step 2. You may choose to disable them by clicking on the switcher. Or, permanently remove them from your browser by clicking the Remove button.

Step 3. After that, reload the YouTube page again and play a video. 

If the methods above did not solve the problem, move on to the next solution.

Solution 5: Disable Hardware Acceleration

Disabling hardware acceleration can help with some computer tasks such as playing videos. However, it can also be a cause of any other issue on your device, making it not recommended all the time. But you can still try to do it and see if it can fix the black screen.

 Step 1. On your Google Chrome, go to Menu and click on Settings.

Step 2. Scroll down on the Settings and click Advanced.

Step 3. Scroll down again and find the System applet. Under it, disable “Use hardware acceleration when available” by clicking on the switcher.

Step 4. After disabling hardware acceleration, go back to the YouTube page and reload it. Try to play a video again to see if the problem has was solved.

Recommendation: Guide on How to Root Bluestacks 4

In Conclusion

That’s the immediate solution we have found to solve the YouTube black screen problem. Always remember that the methods we have shared are not the permanent answer to the issue. Also, we still don’t have any idea what causes this black screen to happen.

Do you have doubts and questions? Drop them down in the comment section below. We are glad to help you with whatever we can.